Wedding location by the sea

Do you want to look deeply into each other’s eyes while grains of sand tickle your toes? A fresh sea breeze waving through your hair? The most romantic wedding pictures at sunset? Say ‘yes, I do’  to marrying by the sea at beach club Timboektoe!


Marrying on the beach

What’s more romantic than marrying on the beach? Many marriage proposals take place with one knee in the sand and the most fairylike wedding pictures are made during sunset. The beach is a magical place to celebrate love. That’s why, right here at beach club Timboektoe, we offer you everything you need to make your dream wedding come true!


Party in your own beach club

Beach club Timboektoe in Wijk aan Zee is an official wedding location on the beach. Here you can resolutely say ‘yes, I do’ to each other! But of course there’s more. We love to make sure you enjoy the most beautiful day of your lives, totally carefree. We provide you with our adjacent beach club Kamango. A romantic private beach pavilion that contains everything you need! Your own terrace, a bar, toilets, presentation equipment, lights and sound systems. This beach pavilion is all yours during your wedding, so you can focus fully on each other and on your guests.


Wedding location at the beach

Of course we appreciate all of your wishes at our unique wedding location at the beach. Your day has to be completely prefect! It’s got to be the most beautiful day of your lives, a day you wish would never end. From the ceremony and the decoration till your dinner wishes and the music for your first dance. Our team is ready to deliver you an unforgettable day!


Delicious food at your wedding

Do you fancy a buffet together with your closest family? Or a barbecue on the beach for all of your guests? Romantic decoration or a rough touch? Do you start the party with your own first dance and do you cut the wedding cake? We discuss it all as soon as you contact us! After all, we love to take care of every aspect of your special day, but your wishes are essential to us. Do you have other ideas or do you want to organize some parts of your dream wedding yourself? Let’s do it!


Dreamed wedding location by the sea

Are you already looking forward to your wedding by the sea? The romantic sea as your decor, your feet in the sand and the sound of rushing waves in your ears? The sea has something magical, just like your wedding. Your dream wedding deserves a dream location and we love to offer you that. At our wedding location by the sea you find all the ingredients you need to arrange the most beautiful day of your lives. How? We’d love to hear it from you! Contact us now to make an appointment, so we can discuss how we can turn all of your wishes into an unforgettable wedding party!

Wil je een digitale tour?

We geven je graag een rondleiding door ons paviljoen. Zelfs vanachter je laptop! Bekijk Timboektoe via Google Streetview.

Digitale rondleiding


Timboektoe maakt gebruik van biologische seizoensproducten, ook voor groepsarrangementen. Wij gaan voor duurzaam gevangen vis, vlees van Lindenhoff, biologisch geteelde groente en natuurlijk brood van Menno.

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