Meeting space by the sea

Are you looking for a unique meeting space by the sea? A place where you and your team have everything you need for a fruitful meeting? Where you can get inspired without getting distracted? Come meet at beach club Timboektoe!


Meeting by the sea in an inspiring environment

At a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam and Haarlem you find the beach of Wijk aan Zee. Our unique meeting space by the sea is located on this beach. With on the one side the North Sea Canal and on the other side the rustling sea. Water, nature and silence all around you: this inspiring place is perfect for gathering new ideas and making successful decisions!


Private beach pavilion Kamango: fully equipped

For inspiring meetings and successful gatherings with your team we offer you a special location: your own beach pavilion Kamango. Kamango is part of Timboektoe, but it contains all the facilities you may need for your meetings. This detached and charming beach pavilion has a modern look and still gives you that real beach vibe. You’ll end up in a professional yet inspiring and calming environment! Moreover, the pavilion has it’s own bar, toilets, presentation equipment, terrace, and all the lights and sound systems you may need. Do you miss any facilities? Let us know, so we can arrange something for you!


Of course even in your own beach pavilion you may use the extensive menu and excellent service of the adjacent beach club Timboektoe. We love to provide you with a refreshing lunch in between all of your meetings or let you finish your day with a tasteful dinner!

Customized team building

Do you want to add a nice team outing to your business meeting? Or strengthen the team spirit with a customized team building? It’s all possible at beach club Timboektoe! Enjoy the beach as well as the sea by power kiting, blokarting, kayaking or rafting. Or relax by getting creative with bamboo or graffiti art. Are you ready for a real team building or a nice team outing? Together with Outstanding EventsDe Strandfabriek and Ozlines Surf we organize a successful team outing, fully adapted to your wishes!


Of course after such an active day you are very welcome to enjoy a delicious buffet, a BBQ on the beach or some refreshing drinks!


Meeting space by the sea

Do you want to know more about our unique meeting space by the sea? Or do you want to make an appointment to let us take care of your day? Contact us now!

Wil je een digitale tour?

We geven je graag een rondleiding door ons paviljoen. Zelfs vanachter je laptop! Bekijk Timboektoe via Google Streetview.

Digitale rondleiding


Timboektoe maakt gebruik van biologische seizoensproducten, ook voor groepsarrangementen. Wij gaan voor duurzaam gevangen vis, vlees van Lindenhoff, biologisch geteelde groente en natuurlijk brood van Menno.

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