Corporate Social Responsibility

Green Key

Timboektoe is committed to taking care of people and the planet through corporate social responsibility. We take responsibility for the effect that our operational management has on our employees, the environment, and our company. We make conscious choices and are continually searching for balance between People, Planet, and Profit. In order to achieve this, we take the following measures

  • When we invest in new equipment, we choose sustainable solutions.
  • In our purchasing process, we make sure to reduce our negative impact with our purchase; we try to contribute to fair trade.
  • We ensure continuity within our company, because we want to offer our employees a stable income.
  • We contribute to charities, for example by donating gifts, money or time.
  • We are continuously trying to reduce our CO2 footprint.
  • We are continuously trying to increase the sustainability of our purchasing process.

This has led to Timboektoe receiving Green Key Gold certification in April 2017!

Green Key is the international standard of excellence for sustainable companies within the tourism industry and the corporate market. Companies with Green Key certification do everything to spare the environment, without their guests having to sacrifice comfort and quality. The Netherlands has around 650 locations with a Green Key, but only 15 beach pavilions.
For more information Greenkey.nl.


We have 100 solar panels on our roof, and have a contract for green power. We’ve purchased an electric boiler and a hot-fill dishwasher, so that they can be heated using green power. We compensate our gas consumption by donating to Trees4All.nl. Our crew uses healthier cleaning products with an EU eco label. They never use too much soap, thanks to the automatic soap dispenser.

The building is constructed of FSC-certified wood, the tiles are made of recycled PVC, and we’ve used cork and bamboo to decorate the walls. Our sanitary fittings use water very sparingly and we have sensors in 9 areas to avoid wasting energy. We also use paper sparingly. Whenever we can, we use organic vegetables, and if we can’t use organic, we make sure it’s local. We’ve replaced all unhealthy, ready-made snacks with home-made or healthy snacks.

Our chef makes sure that we only serve fish that is not overfished, or that has been farmed in the right way without overuse of antibiotics. We also make sure that our portions are well balanced so that we don’t have to throw away food, and we collect swill waste so that it can be recycled.

28-03-2017, Velsen-Noord

Jonathan, Dennis & de Crew

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Timboektoe maakt gebruik van biologische seizoensproducten, ook voor groepsarrangementen. Wij gaan voor duurzaam gevangen vis, vlees van Lindenhoff, biologisch geteelde groente en natuurlijk brood van Menno.

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