BBQ on the beach

Picture this: it’s the ultimate summer’s day, you’ve been at the beach all day long. Or you’ve just arrived. The sun is almost setting, the vibe is one of ultimate freedom. You want to stay, right? Then do it! Wrap up your (family) day or (business) event with summery drinks or a delicious organic beach barbecue.

Organic and sustainable BBQ menu

Come and enjoy our BBQ of organic seasonal products. With sustainable meat, organically grown vegetables and sustainably caught fish. The varied BBQ menu features Thai Beef burgers from the charcoal grill, grilled king prawns, Merquez lamb sausage, piri piri chicken skewers and marinated salmon. Combined with delicious Lebanese tabouleh, fresh fries, caprese salad with fresh buffalo mozzarella, country bread with homemade hummus and aioli, potato and fennel salads and other delicacies. We also serve various tasty vegetarian BBQ dishes.

BBQ or drinks at the beach

Pamper your taste buds while enjoying the perfect sunset, tasty drinks and the company of friends, family or colleagues. Or come and celebrate any festive occasion with a drink, snacks, an á la carte meal or buffet dinner.

Contact us about the possibilities and organize your memorable day out, business event or party at Timboektoe.

Wil je een digitale tour?

We geven je graag een rondleiding door ons paviljoen. Zelfs vanachter je laptop! Bekijk Timboektoe via Google Streetview.

Digitale rondleiding


Timboektoe maakt gebruik van biologische seizoensproducten, ook voor groepsarrangementen. Wij gaan voor duurzaam gevangen vis, vlees van Lindenhoff, biologisch geteelde groente en natuurlijk brood van Menno.

Download het groepen menu